Hi, my name is Silje (Sil-yah) Soldal (Sool-dahl), I’m a Sydney-based designer living and working on Gadigal land. I specialise in 3D, motion, graphic design and creative collaborations. 

I’m currently open and looking for new projects and opportunities. Feel free to contact me for my CV or commercial portfolio. Drop me a PM on social media, or send me an email.

Clients and Collaborators
Entropico, Edge Environment, Bubble, Hatrik House, Motorik! Deferit, The Careers Department, St May, The Distillery, The University of Newcastle

3D, Motion Design, Graphic Design, Print and Publications, Digital and web, moral support.

Here There → Group show → Duck Rabbit Gallery October 2022
Not for the brief → Group show → Kudos Gallery August 2020
Babe and friends → Group show → Atelier Motorik July 2020
The End Xmas show → Group show → The Shitty Shed November 2019
The Line Issue No.8 → Group show → Woodriver Studios July 2018
Who loves the sun → Group show → in.cub8r gallery September 2017
Absolutely Hideous → Group show → Tiny Boat at Softys September 2017
Newcastle Emerging Artists → Group Show → Newcastle Art Space November 2017
Bends → Solo Show → Watt Space Student Gallery March 2017
Dot/Dash → Solo Show → Watt Space Student Gallery August 2016